Curly Hair Bob Cut

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Curly Hair Bob Cut
Naturally curly hair can be challenging to work with. One option that works well for the curly hair person is the bob cut. The bob cut is one of those cuts that never really goes out of style. Anybody can wear this universal style. It is classic, timeless and very convenient, not to mention the fact that it works well for lots of men and women.
Look for a barber or stylist who can give you layers and build them into your cut in order to make your curls look as cool or as curly as possible. They will flow as they were meant to and the layers plus the bob will help define them. Singer Miguel has become known for his mid-length, curly bob haircut that gives him a tousled and sophisticated look that many people wish to emulate.
The singer’s curly bob hair is cut to slightly above his temple and has layers through it in order to make it possible for his natural curls to take center stage and compliment his face. His layers are graduated and are short around the sides of his head, but is longer on the top.
Your curly bob hair needs plenty of tender loving care. This means you need to learn how to style it properly to maximize the benefits of the cut. It is as simple as a wash-and-go, but you have to work some water and light wieght curly product in there in order avoid a frizzy fro by the end of the day.
Use leave-in conditioner after you shampoo your hair. Always choose your products wisely. Apply it to hair that is damp and towel dried, but not dripping wet. Make sure you apply it evenly over your hair and then comb through with a wide tooth comb.
Next take product geared towards curly hair and dispense a dollop of it, no bigger than a quarter into the palm of your hand. Apply it carefully and evenly to your wet hair. Do not apply too much to the root area as this can serve to weigh your hair down and make it heavy.
Now it is time to blow dry or air dry your hair making sure to scrunch your hair with your fingers. Don’t forget to shake it out by bending forward and back up to encourage a curl to “pop”.
Once your hair is dry, apply a small portion of shine serum or spray it in order to make your curls look glossy and vibrant. For the finishing touches, it is time for a spray shine or something that adds moisture. Mist your hair lightly with a hairspray that adds shine and flexible hold. Now your curly bob hair is all set to take on the world!

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