A hair journey from a man’s perspective

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My name is Ashley Head and I want to give a hair journey from a man’s perspective.
Around Christmas 2008 I was shopping in New York City when Titi and Mikko Branch approached me and asked about my natural hair and my daily routine. I said I washed my hair and left a little conditioner in it, which is basically a wash-and-go and they smiled.
They laughed and explained to me that I need to put a little more effort in taking care of my hair because I was doing myself an injustice and they could tell because my hair looked dry and was frizzy with split ends. They proceeded to ask me if I had ever heard of MissJessies. I said “Yes” and explained how a woman at work spoke of her daughter using something that women called “Addictive hair pudding that smelled edible”.  I laughed and said I’d use it if ever given the opportunity.
The sisters laughed and pointed at themselves and said: “We’re MissJessies!”  I was surprised. They then asked me to be their first male hair model and brand representative for their company and also invited me to make one of the first how-to videos on youtube.

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