Naturally Curly Hair Upkeep

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Natural Curly Hair Upkeep

Natural curly hair can be awesome and amazing to have, but it can also be a huge pain if you do not treat it right. It is essential that your natural curly hair be trimmed on a regular basis in order to help prevent the occurrence of split ends. Splitting hairs can stress out and overexert natural curly hair because of the nature and structure of the hair. Split ends are dry and will continue to work their way up the strands of hair and will give rise to frizz.

Split ends cannot be repaired but simply must be removed by way of a trim. Aim for a trim at least once every two months (8 to 12 weeks are what is recommended).  Always protect your hair every chance you get. Just as temperatures and bad weather can wreck havoc with your skin, so can they do the same with hair, especially natural curly hair which is prone to dryness and frizz.

The sun, the wind and humidity are all three environmental factors that can disrupt the fine balance of natural curly hair. In the summertime protect your hair from the bad effects of the sun and wind by wearing a bandana, a straw hat, a scarf or any type of summer hat at all, as long as it protects your tresses. It is essential to protect your hair from sun damage and also from the drying effects of the sun. Wind can also do damage to hair by separating strands so cover up by all means!

In order to prevent humidity from causing frizz in your natural curly hair, use an anti-humectant hair pomade. The pomade is able to repel water from the environment which is good for your hair. If you live in a very arid environment then you need to do the opposite and invest in humectant pomade. This type of environment can lend itself to a high degree of dryness. There are companies that make both types of products which are excellent for natural curly hair.   

Do not overuse your hair care products as this will make your hair look flat and dull. Also avoid any clays or mud for your natural curly hair which can make your hair look very dull.

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